Wednesday, March 2, 2011

di Suvero wins!

Today President Obama awarded the National Medal for the Arts to Mark di Suvero.

In a stiff and awkward ceremony, Obama made an absolutely painful speech trying to justify the arts and humanities. One can only hope that the Ford mentality which demands efficient and practical purpose for all things would loosen its grip on the American sensibility, but I suppose it is what makes us Americans... and "making things better" is the refrain of politicians everywhere.

Nonetheless, some wise one somewhere made the recommendation and the award was given and a great artist honored. Hooray! Massive soaring art wins!

di Suvero was in good company - Philip Roth, Wendell Berry, Sonny Rollins also received medals (and some 16 others too.)

Photo of The Calling courtesy of Milwaukee, WI City Data.